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documentation and maps...

PMD 85 - user guide - Extended ROM BASIC download
  • Roman Kišš
commented disassembling of PMD 85-1 Monitor download
  • Centrum pro mládež, vědu a techniku ÚVSSM
  • converted to HTML by Pavel Zima
commented disassembling of PMD 85-2 Monitor download
  • Vít Libovický, Jiří Olmer
PMD 85-3 manual, description of monitor and commands of BASIC-G download
  • Ústav výpočtovej techniky vysokých škôl v Bratislave
  • scan: Jan Křupka
  • OCR, formatting, corrections and PDF export: RM-TEAM
PMD 85-3 schematics download
error identifactions - PMD 85 repairing guide download
  • Ing. Vladimír Matějka
commented disassembling of PMD 30 (MFD 85) disk unit driver
and Extended ROM BASIC
  • Roman Bórik
commented disassembling of PMD 32 disk unit driver
and PMD 85-3 extended monitor part for cooperation with PMD 32
  • Roman Bórik
BASIC-G/20 and mon19 & mon20 Monitors description download
  • Peter Kottáš, Jozef Kutej
manuals for some programs in KASWORD3 and TEXED format download
manuals for some programs and documentation in PDF format download
  • complete manual for DAM+2 in Czech language (Karel Šuhajda)
  • MHB8080 instruction table (RM-TEAM)
game maps of Boulder Dash and Fred of VBG Software download
  • Roman Bórik