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intro screen while loading
Author:Martin Bórik
Roman Bórik
Version:KVADRO, 2010
(PMD 85-1,2,2A,3,C2717,α,α2)
Language:english | slovak
Genre:puzzle game
Download: pmd85emu_game_kvadro.zip

this archive contains both language versions in PTP tape format, and on bootable disk image P32 for PMD 32 with the autorun program.


The goal of the game is to reach the exit with Kvadro in an upright position. You can move by rolling your block around playfield in the level. You can't roll off the playfield, but you can get stuck or need to retrace your steps. Each level has a password which you can use to go directly to desired level by typing it at the menu.

Switches can be used to make tiles appear or disappear, that may help you with a solution, how to reach up the exit. Soft switch is triggered by the Kvadro in any orientation or state. Heavy switch must however be pressed by the Kvadro when it's upright.

Teleport tiles will move the Kvadro to a new location on the playfield, but only when it's upright. A splitter tile works like a teleport, but it splits the Kvadro into two cubes and each being teleported to a different location on the playfield. Each cube you can control separately and switch between with the action button. When cubes become closer to each other, they joins together to full block.

Glass tiles are too fragile to be moved onto when it's upright. They can however be rolled onto when the Kvadro is on its side. If the Kvadro is splitted, cubes may rolling on playfield without restraint. Broken tiles will only cope with being moved onto once, after which they will crumble.


This game was created on 27. anniversary of formation of the PMD 85 computers!

Towards the creation of this program, we were inspired by the original flash game BLOXORZ, written by Damien Clarke, but especially by the isometric version - the game called "W*H*B", written by Bob Smith on ZX-Spectrum. Thanks to both!


  • Martin Bórik
    programming, graphics, sounds, intro screen and tune...
  • Roman Bórik
    universal keyboard and joystick tests, tape loader, compression method Quido, 16-bit arithmetics, optimizations...


main menu with enabled color mode(slovak edition)
main menu with enabled color mode
(slovak edition)
guide page (slovak edition)
guide page (slovak edition)
level solution (classic TV output mode)
level solution (classic TV output mode)
level solution (slovak edition in color mode)
level solution (slovak edition in color mode)