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Consul 2717

Consul 2717 "Zbrojováček", Zbrojovka Brno, 1989
Consul 2717 "Zbrojováček", Zbrojovka Brno, 1989

The Consul 2717 was produced as clone of PMD 85-2 in Zbrojovka Brno factory, thence was entitled as "Zbrojováček". Whole computer hardware was build into supplied monochromatic monitor with external professional "consul" keyboard.


  • processor: MHB 8080A (2.048 MHz)
  • RAM: 64 KB (allowing AllRAM mode)
  • ROM: 16 KB
  • display resolution: 288×256 px / 384×256 px with special graphic mode,
    • 1 of 4 colours on black background for 6 pixels wide stripes
    • special graphic mode with resolution 384x256 without color attributes
    • special memory mode, when unused memory area "beside" VideoRAM is remapped to memory area from 0C000h to 0CFFFh, what is used to increase free memory (4KB) for CP/M
  • properties:
    • system MONITOR (console)
    • built-in BASIC-G
    • video output to supplied monitor
    • system booting from external ROM module or network
    • CP/M disk operating system and booting from disk