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files to download...

NOTICE: If you encounter false alarms of some antivir or spyware scanners (e.g. that one integrated in Google Chrome), which cause false report of suspicious software of download package with our emulator.
WE HEREBY DECLARE that our emulator DOES NOT CONTAIN any suspicious code!
Disclaimer: Those scanners probably detect some parts of emulator which was wrote in native x86 code for best-performance reasons. We really don't need to harm your computer or privacy.

This FREE software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. You can download it and use AT OWN LIABILITY and authors or software providers AREN'T RESPONSIBLE for financial, material or other loss caused by using of this software!

PMD 85 Emulator

current version: v3.1.3.188     March 23rd 2019     download: PMD85Emu v3.1.3.188
previous version v3.0.2.176     December 24th 2018     download: PMD85Emu v3.0.2.176
older version v2.2.8.301     May 24th 2014     download: PMD85Emu v2.2.8.301

PTP Manager

This utility allows to:

  • PTP tape file editing
  • playing of files directly into real hardware PMD 85
  • recording of files from real cassettes into PTP tape files
current version: v1.0.3.27     March 27th 2010     download: PtpManager v1.0.3.27
previous version: v1.0.2.20     January 30th 2008     download: PtpManager v1.0.2.20

8bit Sprite Editor

current version: v1.3.2.24     January 8th 2015     download: 8bitSpriteEditRMT v1.3.2.24

emulator for *nix platforms

documentation and maps...

More informations in main article: Download/Documentation

software for the emulator...

All apps or games are stored in PTP tape file format (PMD 85 Tape Package). PTP file format is similar to well know TAP file from ZX Spectrum emulators. It differ only in file header which contains PMD 85 standard intro synchronization sequence (groups of FFh, 00h, 55h bytes). New tape format implementation results from a way of tape emulation and requirements of headerless block separation.

Every single ZIP archive contain text description file with program list in tape files (but only in slovak yet). In this list is always noted model needed to run, start method, author (if is known) and some comment.

high-level programming languages

Basic (March 2th 2008) description | download
  • several BASIC games and programs (various, mostly unknown authors)
  • sample programs with new commands to BASIC-G/20 of Peter Kottáš and Jozef Kutej (Peter Kottáš)
Logo (September 5th 2007) description | download
  • LOGO languages - Žofka, Mravec a Točimravec (Andrej Blaho)
Karel (September 5th 2007) description | download
  • robot Karel from various authors (Karel Šuhajda, Tomáš Bartovský, Marián Vittek)
Pascal (September 5th 2007) description | download
  • some simple programs in PASCAL (Roman Bórik)
ZX Spectrum ROM (May 30th 2016) description | download
  • Port of ZX Spectrum ROM for PMD 85 (Busy soft)


VBG Software (September 5th 2007) description | download
  • games of VBG Software group (Vlastimil Veselý, Libor Bedrlík, Ladislav Gavar)
4004/482 ZO Svazarmu (September 5th 2007) description | download
  • games of 4004/482 ZO Svazarmu group (Karel Šuhajda, Pavel Šindelka, Michal Černý, Tomáš Švec, Petr Thiel, P. Paleta)
RM-TEAM (October 19th 2013) description | download
  • puzzle games of RM-TEAM group, (Roman Bórik, Martin Bórik)
Libor Lasota (April 6th 2013) description | download
Lemmings (19. mája 2014) description | download
Other games (November 20th 2010) description | download
  • other games (Petr Tůma (CERES SOFT), Vít Libovický, Andrej Blaho and other unknown authors, too)
Cirkus šaša Tomáša - "Jester Thomas's Circus" (March 2nd 2008) description | download
  • logical games for children (A. Blaho, I. Kalaš, D. Tóth, M. Lupták, Ľ. Moravčíková, M. Vittek)

system programs

Development tools (September 5th 2007) description | download
  • assembler, debugger and other development tools (Karel Šuhajda, Petr Tůma (CERES SOFT), UAK Bratislava and other authors)
Tape copy programs (September 5th 2007) description | download
  • tape copy programs (IFO software, UAK Bratislava, ODPM PRAHA 2, Karel Šuhajda, Petr Tůma (CERES SOFT))
Text editors, databases (March 2nd 2008) description | download
  • text editors, databases (Karel Šuhajda, Tomáš Švec, P. Holubek)
Graphics programs (March 2nd 2008) description | download
  • graphics programs (Petr Tůma (CERES SOFT), Karel Šuhajda, S. Kneifl, Vlastimil Veselý, Milan Smolík)
Music programs (December 2nd 2007) description | download
  • music programs (Karel Šuhajda, VBG Software)

floppy disk images

Floppy disk images are in raw format. P32 is disk image of PMD 32 floppy disk unit, that can be used to PMD 85-3.

utilities (16. júla 2008) download
  • P32Mngr.exe - P32 disk image manager
  • ConvDSK.exe - Extended DSK image to RAW data block converter
  • CROP.EXE - simple "cropper" of RAW data block from any file
  • MKPMDFIL.EXE - PMD header file creator from RAW data block
  • PMDTOWAV.EXE - PMD header file to WAV file converter (October 8th 2010) download
Utilities for work with disk images
  • P32Mngr.exe - P32 disk image manager
  • ConvDSK.exe - Extended DSK image to RAW data block converter
  • Dsk2Raw.exe - enhances converter of Extended DSK image file to RAW image
  • Raw2Dsk.exe - converter from RAW image file to Extended DSK image (October 8th 2010) download
  • Quido - console packer utility for PMD 85 and ZX Spectrum (March 23rd 2011) download
  • QuidoScr - console PMD 85 screen packer utility (January 2nd 2012) download