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Author  Author ::  Anna Wu
Posted  Posted ::  2008-05-01 10:43:03 PM
Subject  Subject ::  How I can load and start .pmd games ?
I have serveral games in .pmd format. How I can start and run these games ?
Thanks in advance for your help !

Author  Author ::  Martin Bórik
Posted  Posted ::  2008-05-02 08:36:55 AM
Subject  Subject ::  Re: How I can load and start .pmd games ?
Hi Anna,
with *.PMD files it's simple

- press Alt-T to show the "Tape Browser".
- click "Insert tape" and choose *.pmd file.
- PMD 85 computer basicaly uses two types of files:
* "?" - programs in machine code - these can be loaded only from MONITOR (console) by using MGLD command.
* ">" - programs in BASIC language - these can be loaded only from BASIC interpreter by using LOAD command.
- in "Settings dialog" choose in "Model" tab model of PMD 85.
- ROM file should be related to selected model (e.g. PMD 85-2 has "monit2.rom").
- checkbox "Insert ROM Module" set according to type of file, if it's ">" BASIC program, check it, else if it's "?" type, it's program in machine code and leave checkbox unchecked.
- click OK to leave "Settings dialog" and then press Alt-F5 (Reset).
- you can remember file identification number in Tape Browser list, noted first before type and name "xx/? NAME", or "xx/> NAME".
- for faster loading switch on "Flash load" button on right side down in "Tape Browser" window.
- switch to main window of emulator and enter to console line "MGLD xx" command, or in BASIC type "LOAD xx" command, where "xx" stands for file identifiacation number.
- confirm command with EOL (Enter).
- on left side down in "Tape Browser" window click on "Play" button and program will be loaded.
- when program is in machine code ("?") and program hasn't AutoRun, it can be started with "JUMP xxxx" command, where xxxx stands often for hexadecimal start address of block header (in "Tape browser" windows it's value in "Begin" column). If start address is 0000h it can be started with SHIFT + DEL (in emulator Shift + Delete) hotkey.
- when it's BASIC program, type obligatory RUN command.

... and ... that's all :)

We are pleased for your interest in our emulator... thanks!
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